One Week..

I totally forgot how tough the early days are!

As the birth was pretty low risk (although high in pain!) we came out of hospital on the same day. Coen didn’t feed for about 5 hours after we got home which meant he hadn’t fed for about 9 hours- it made me so worried because we had a similar situation when Spence was born, he lost weight and had to be put on a feeding plan, I was so worried that we would have the same experience with Coen. However, it turned out to be the opposite! After he decided to start feeding, he wouldn’t stop! He was on my boob for 45 mins at a time, all the time. The midwife didn’t seem concerned about it though, apparently this is common for babies to try and force the milk to come through. It was just more of a pain for me, my nipples were so sore and both were bleeding! After a couple of days though, when my milk came through, he feeds every two hours for only about 15 mins on each side! 

His birth weight was 9lbs 3, after the first day it dropped to 8lbs 13, by day 3 he was back to his birth weight and at day 9 he weighed 9lbs 6. Luckily we don’t have to worry about him putting on weight as long as we keep doing what we are doing. 

Sleeping at night has been a nightmare, I had totally forgotten how bad the first few weeks are! He feeds quite regularly and he does seem to sleep a lot, however when he does sleep, he makes A LOT of noise!! He grunts and makes the weirdest noises constantly that it keeps us up! We get roughly 4 hours sleep a night! It’s hard but he is a little cutie though and you can’t be mad at him- although I pray it gets better soon- I’m so tired, I feel cross eyed! xx


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