Brothers xx

When we first brought Coen home, Spence didn’t seem too fussed about him, he gave him a quick glance and went back to playing with his trains. I had been so worried that Spence might feel left out when the baby came or worst case scenario not wanting him to be around. 

However, over the last week, he has been getting used to him being around, he gives him little kisses on his head and brings him his comforter when he realises that he doesn’t have it. At nursery he has been acting the proud big brother and telling everyone about our new arrival! 

We do still have a few issues where Spence insists that we put the baby down so we can play with him and can’t quite understand that Coen needs lots of attention. However, we are trying so hard to make sure he feels included and never left out, so hopefully things will get better xx


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