Baby No. 2 Arrives!! 

Coen Humphrey arrived yesterday on his due date xx
The birth was so very different to the one I had with Spence. Everyone told me the second time round is a lot easier and the baby practically falls out. My first birth was a 24 hour ordeal ending with an epidural, a back to back baby, a torn cervix, a delivery room resembling something from a horror film and an emergency trip to theatre. I therefore thought compared to that, childbirth could not get any worse. Oh god, was I wrong!! 

The main thing to point out about Spencer’s birth was the epidural…which meant I didn’t feel a thing! This time, I felt every single excruciating moment!! It all happened quite quickly that there was no time for drugs except gas and air. I just want to mention that if I experienced a normal childbirth, how has the human population not died out because that was bloody painful and not something I am planning to do anytime soon! 

My contractions started at about 2:30 in the morning, I timed a few before waking Mark so I was definite that they were actually contractions. They got worse so at about 4am we went to the hospital when Marks dad came over to look after Spence. 

It definitely went downhill from there! Upon arriving at the hospital, I had to do the whole booking in process whilst being in so much pain that I threw up! Yep, I’m that classy! It turned out that I was already 6-7cms dilated. It all progressed so quickly (the benefits of the second birth) unfortunately it meant no pain relief and having to feel every tiny contraction, pushing and tear! It turns out that I’m not the tough nut that I thought I was- a low point had me blubbering like an idiot telling them that I ‘can’t do it anymore!’ and getting a stern telling off by the midwife. Obviously last time, having an epidural meant I didn’t feel any contractions, I didn’t feel the immense pain of pushing the head out and then more immense pain of pushing out the rest of the baby, the placenta and the stitches afterwards! 

I have so much respect for all the women who go through childbirth, that was literally the most pain experience of my life! I feel like I took the easy way out when I had Spence. Obviously the experience is still fresh in my mind and maybe in a weeks time if someone asks me how the birth was, I might reply ‘yeah, not bad’ but at the moment while I’m sat here feeding, with the feeling of my insides being twisted, my ‘bits’ so sore that it hurts to sit and the recollection of me vomiting and crying, it was truly terrifying! On the plus side, I do now have the cutest little dude as a result of it xx 


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