Hundred Acres Woods

This morning we took a trip to Hundred Acre Woods. We have never been before but found that it was only about 10 mins from where we live. It was really good for children, right near the entrance there were two play areas, one had lots of climbing bits and the other had a lookout and lots of bridges and swings to play on. It was such a cute place and I would have loved it, if my SPD didn’t mean that I had to use crutches. So unfortunately, I had to sit and watch all the fun. 

Having crutches means that I walk so incredibly slow! Even my dawdling toddler gets around faster than I do! Plus they are exhausting! My arms feel like I have done an intense arm workout- they are definitely going to hurt tomorrow! A lady came up to me in the park area and told that she had SPD when she was pregnant so really sympathised with how I was feeling, and that it was the reason she decided not to have any more children. It’s nice when I meet women who have been through the same thing, sometimes when I’m around people that don’t really understand what the condition is, I feel like I’m being a bit of a wimp, so its nice when I speak to people who can relate xx


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