Potty Training

We started potty training this bank holiday weekend. We hadn’t planned to, it kind of just happened!

Spence is over two and a half and friends with children younger than Spence seemed to have already potty trained their kids, but he didn’t have any desire to want to do it and he flat out refused to even try. We would ask him quite regularly if he was ready but he always just said that he wanted to wear nappies. We figured that he would let us know and we wouldn’t worry- it’s was unlikely we would end up with a 25-year old son in nappies!

So this weekend, as usual, we asked him if we wanted to wear pants and use a potty and he said yes!

It started off a bit rocky, we had three accidents pretty much straight away- we had to go out and stock up on more pants! Both Sunday and Monday, we had one accident each day, both seemed to be in the morning. He was back at nursery on Tuesday, where he had three accidents, I thought they were going to say that he wasn’t ready but they seemed really pleased with his progress! He only had one accident today at nursery and since being home, he had been using the potty loads!

I’m so proud of him, I thought potty training would be an absolute nightmare but he is doing amazingly well! He is always so pleased with himself, we get high-fives afterwards! I’m a bit worried that we have been lulled into a false sense of security but so far so good! My little dude is growing up so fast!


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