6th Aug- Spencer’s first night in his big bed!

At 2 and a half, Spence might have been a bit big to still be in a cot but he was perfectly happy in it. He would sleep fine and never tried to climb out. I wanted to evict him a little while before new arrival came so he didn’t have to adjust to a new bed and a new brother at the same time.

He was so excited to be getting a new bed, we showed him his new duvet set which he loved and he even helped (kind of!) Mark build it! He kept his old blanket and stuffed toys so things were still familiar and on his first night he fell asleep in it straight away and slept until 9am! Seems like a success!

I think one of the reasons it seems to be working so well is that he doesn’t realise that he can actually get out of the bed on his own! And I’m in no rush to show him!

On the same evening as being in his big bed, it was also the first time he use successfully used a potty! Two milestones in one day! He is reluctant to use it and hasn’t used it since so we will have to see how it goes xx


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