25 weeks!

I can’t believe I’m 25 weeks already! I love feeling the dude kicking away and this pregnancy I’m definitely embracing the bump!

However while this is supposed to be the bit of pregnancy that everyone enjoys- I’m seriously having the worst time! When I was pregnant with Spence, I got SPD and towards the end I had to use crutches to walk. Apparently, if you get it in your first pregnancy, it’s quite likely that you would get it again- and I most definitely have!

I got it earlier than last time, I have had it for a few weeks now, although I did have to stop exercising at about 14 weeks. By the time I get home from work, I’m in so much pain that I can barely walk! I feel so bad that I can’t play with Spence for long periods of time. Mark is amazing as he pretty much has to do everything

I’m having weekly physio sessions and I had acupuncture this week and although it seems a bit better at the time, after a little while the pain comes back and I can barely walk! I have to avoid stairs which is hard in a three storey house when our room is on the top floor! I’m not sure how I can get through the next 4 months like this! xx


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