Malaga- Day 4

Today we decided to head back to civilisation and visit Puerto Banus in Marbella. I had been there 2 years ago for my hen weekend and Mark had visited as a kid so we almost knew our way around and although the journey took over an hour, it was definitely worth it.

It was so nice to be somewhere slightly cooler in temperature and have food that we didn’t have to cook ourselves- I didn’t even mind paying 30 euros for 2 club sandwiches- they were so nice!

We took Spence onto the beach where he walked in shore and seemed to love it! Although we live by the coast we rarely get to go to the beach as the first sign of sun brings massive amount of tourists and traffic. He loved having his feet in the sea until a small wave knocked him over and he got soaked, then insisted that he take all of his clothes off!

Once he recovered, we took a walk to the harbour where the wealthy hang out. There were amazing yachts and Ferrari’s and other awesome sports cars which even impressed Spencer, who insisted mark take pouts of photos of them all. We stopped for ice cream before heading back to the villa xx


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