Malaga- Day 2

Today was our first day of sun and boy was it hot! A whopping 33 degrees- I’m a red headed English person- I’m just not built for this heat! Oh and I’m pregnant which makes me even warmer!

In the morning we got back in the car and onto the death tracks to track down a supermarket a bit further afield which hopefully had more of a selection of food, luckily we managed to find one but I don’t think Spence was a fan of being back in the car and when we got to the supermarket he just wanted to be picked up which was quite difficult. I guess the new surroundings are a bit weird for him.

In the afternoon, Spence had a long nap so Mark and I read our books by the pool and spent a bit of time in the water. Although the pool is right by our villa, it felt a bit weird just leaving Spence asleep inside, so we set our alarms to go off every 15 mins for us to check on him.

Spence played outside a few times but it’s just too hot for him so during the hot hours we spent a lot of time inside- which suited my pale body just fine x


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