Holiday- Travel day!

We spent a lot of the day travelling to get to Malaga, we had to leave to at 8am, first to drop the cat off at the cattery then go to Marks brothers house to pick up a USB so we could watch the GOT finale while we were away! We didn’t get to our villa until about 5:30pm!

It wasn’t the best journey but at least we made it to our villa safe and sound and (practically) sane. Firstly we got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport as there was an accident on the motorway, this means there was no time for lunch at the airport or even shopping!!- by the time we made it through security, we had to go straight to our gate for boarding so Spence had to eat his lunch while we were waiting to board the plane. He was pretty excited to see the planes though as he has never seen one in real life before, luckily not long after take off he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we had to land.

Once landed, we picked up our hire car and without sat nav but printed off directions (how old school) we made our way to the villa. Our villa is way up in the hills, so far away and so high that you get that dreaded feeling you have missed a turning or you will never to be seen again. About half an hour after that feeling has sunk in…that’s when you find our villa! It’s pretty though and the views are pretty spectacular!

Once the relief of finding the villa starts- that when you realise you have no food, a hungry toddler, hardly any water and the only other buildings you can see are practically dots on the horizon! But…silver lining….there is wifi! So we managed to locate a supermarket in a tiny town about 15 mins away which hardly even stocked the basics, we managed to scrape something together for dinner and breakfast and realised we would have to go further afield tomorrow to get more food!

At least we had the added bonus of the GOT finale and it was pretty epic!


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