We go on holiday tomorrow morning to Malaga, Spain, which will be awesome because it’s apparently 33 degrees out there and here we currently have menopausal British weather where one minute we are have boiling sun and the next we have enough torrential rain to flood the area!

As per the day before all holidays, I have to spend a really long time doing all that holiday prep that prevents me looking like an ogre by the pool. These involve: wash my hair with my purple shampoo, hair mask, bikini line, exfoliate, exfoliate my face, face mask, face oil, foot treatment, shave my legs, moisturise, tan, pedicure, dry and curl hair!

At the moment I’m still at the bikini line stage, I would like to point out that it is very difficult doing a decent bikini line at almost 22 weeks pregnant when it’s starting to get a bit difficult to see down there!

I have been upstairs so long that I’m pretty sure Spence has forgotten I exist and Mark has started to feel like a single dad! What’s annoying is that when I eventually get downstairs, I won’t look any different to how I did before I went up, I might just smell a bit nicer!


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