I literally have no idea where it came from but Spence now has an irrational hate for ‘fluff’! Yep, normal, run of the mill, fluff! The stuff you find on your carpet when you haven’t hoovered for a few days, and since I’m hardly a domestic goddess, it’s becoming a bit of a problem!

For some reason, he has become of a magnet for it, he comes running up to me with his finger outstretched and a look of utter disgust ‘mummy! Fluff!’ and I have to remove the offending thing from his hand. If he sees a bit on the carpet, he stands up pointing at it and can’t continue playing until it has been taken away!

So bath time was fun this evening when he discovered a piece of ‘fluff’ in the bath. Full on meltdown! He didn’t believe us when we told him we had taken the fluff out and the bath was now fluff-free so his bath lasted about 7 seconds. Then, as soon as he was safe in his PJs and in his bedroom, he cheered right up- weird baby!

Maybe he is trying to tell me that we need to clean more!


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