Sunday Runday- not fun!
Pregnancy (un)fitness!

I usually run quite a lot but I haven’t run or exercised much since finding out about my pregnancy, mostly due to being so tired I can barely function!

I went for a run last week and it nearly crippled me afterwards. I felt like my SPD had come back and kicked me in the pelvis!

I decided to go for a shorter run this morning to see if the pain was a one-off or if I had to give up running completely.

I decided to run in the woods near my house as I knew the route was pretty short and I was hoping it was too early for murderers to be lurking behind trees! My lack of recent fitness was pretty apparent- the short (one minute) run to the woods was a bit of a hill and it absolutely killed me! Luckily I made it round the course without dying and the route was pretty empty at that time of day so only a few dog walkers were around to see me panting like a rabid animal!

Although my pelvis hurt a little today, it wasn’t too bad so I may continue my little runs unless it gets worse- this week I’m booked onto an aqua class at my gym- if 90-year old ladies can do it, I’m sure I can- otherwise it’s going to be embarrassing!


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