We have another little Jelly Bean on the way!

It has actually been a few weeks since our last scan and I’m now 16 weeks!

We have had a tonne of issues with having another baby so we are so happy that everything seems to be going well this time, although we are still quite cautious about it and are literally taking one week at a time- fingers crossed it all goes well!

I pretty much have had the same symptoms as last time- feeling nauseous but not actually being sick and being so tired all I can successfully do is stare at a wall and the only cravings I have had is Carbs with a side of Carbs. My bump is definitely a lot bigger, earlier this time round- although that could just be all the carbs.

It’s early days and I’m already in maternity jeans- they are soooo comfy! I’m determined not to spent 9 months in leggings (although I am wearing them today!!). I had to go and buy a tonne of clothes yesterday, I forgot how annoying it is when none of your clothes fit you anymore and I forgot how much maternity wear sucks!


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