Marks Birthday Pt 1

For marks birthday, we got a babysitter for the day and went to London for a child-free day of fun! I had the day planned and Mark didn’t have a clue what we would be doing!

Our first stop after getting to Waterloo was to go to the London Film Museum to see the Cars of James Bond exhibition. Luckily this was included in the National Rail 2 for 1 offers.

It started a bit turbulent as I was adamant I knew where the museum was but when we got there, I realised it had actually moved! ….a few years ago!! So we decided to walk to its new location in Covent Garden. It was a nice walk and we got to see the Thames and a funky skateboard park- I thought it was funky, my brother in law thought it looked like an ideal place to be murdered but each to his own.

The museum was cool, it showed all the actual cars from all the films, some looked immaculate while some were completely ruined or riddled with bullet holes. I massively recommend it to all James Bond fans.

After our brisk walk and museum trip, it was time for lunch, where we decided to walk to rather than take the tube.. xx


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