Spencer’s 2nd Birthday!

Before Christmas it was Spencer’s 2nd birthday. He wasn’t excited about it. At. All!

Two days before we went to the soft play with two of his friends so they could get together for a play. They have known each other since Spence was 6 weeks old so it’s cute that they are still friends.

The day before his birthday, we had an open house, where friends and family could come and see the birthday boy. Again, he wasn’t that fussed, he didn’t really care about presents, he loved the first present that he opened and just wanted to play with that for the whole day!

On the actual day, mark and I booked the day off work. We took Spence to a Winter Wonderland where he met Father Christmas. It was the best idea, we had to queue for an hour, which wasn’t great with a toddler! By the time we got in, Spence was hungry and not really in your mood for seeing Santa!


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