Isle of Wight Hol- Day 2

In true British style, the weather on our second day was complete rubbish! Yesterday was all blue sky’s and plenty of heat, today was rain- all day! Although it was still quite warm.

Both Spence and I had packed for a week of heat! We had to pop somewhere to buy Spence some trousers and jumpers and myself a pair of shoes that weren’t flip flops!

We also had to find something to do that didn’t involve getting pissed on by the rain!

So we went to Dinosaur Isle!!

Spence is pretty obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment- grandpa Steve recently bought him a whole box of dinosaurs which Spence loves to point at people and go RRRAAAAAA!!

The place was pretty cool! I was worried that Spence might be too young for it but he loved seeing all the dinosaurs and he enjoyed doing the puzzles that they had- he wasn’t too fussed about the actual fossils and dinosaur bones but we can take him back in a few years. He did, however totally love the gift shop!


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