14 Months old!

Time is flying and this little dude is getting so big!

He can do so much now, he is definitely no longer my little bundle who would just lie down all day and barely move!

In the last month he has improved on his coasting and crawls at the speed of light! He likes to walk around the living room using his walker only stopping when he steers himself into a wall and can’t turn himself around. In the last week, he has managed to take a few steps, which I can’t believe! He starts walking or standing without even realising and then when he does, he laughs hysterically and then falls over- we won’t have to wait long before we have a proper walker on our hands!

This month, he has also started to do a bit of talking. He has kind of skipped the standard ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ although he says ‘mum’ and ‘dada’ occasionally. The words he uses most are Cat, Dog, Duck and Mmmbop (secret Hanson fan!). Today, he said ‘sock’ as he was pulling off his socks! We have a potential chatterbox on our hands- just like his mum xx


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