12 months x

It’s really late but last week, Spencer turned a year old!

He had a few firsts in the last month- it was his first Halloween, he attended the birthday parties of a few of his friends that turned one, he met Santa and of course he had his first birthday party!

This month he has developed loads! He can coast along the furniture quite easy now and he can take quite a few steps while I hold his hands- I predict it won’t be long before he is walking in his own!

He has also developed the cutest personality but on the other side he has developed a bit of ‘tude! If he gets frustrated with his toys, he throws them down in anger- sometimes hitting me in the crossfire!

He also points to the things he wants, which is cute….except sometimes it’s accompanied with a high pitch squeal if he isn’t given the item he is pointing at, which then develops into crying if I still don’t give it to him. It’s not helpful that he points to random things that he can’t have like the curtains… Or a knife… Or the tv!

He has also become ultra clingy even with the childminder. Some days it isn’t too bad but some are a bloody nightmare! He won’t let me out of his sight, which means I can’t have a shower, make a cuppa or even go to the loo! Last week he followed me to the toilet and wanted to sit on my lap! He is ok playing with his toys but I have to be sat next to him the whole time- I pray for this phase to finish soon!


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