Spencer’s favourite toys!

Spence has a TONNE of toys but he has his favourites……

He was given his TOMY Hide n Squeak eggs by his cousin Seren when he was about 6 months old and has played with them every day since- we even took them on holiday with us. The eggs have different shapes on the bottom so designed to improve a child’s shape sorting- Spence hasn’t quite gotten to that point yet. He started off just taking the eggs out of the box and launching them across the room, then when he started to crawl, he would throw the eggs and then chase after them. Now, he realised the eggs go in the box but just chucks them in the box and tries to close the lid! Not long until he figures it out but in the meantime he is having fun!

Spence also loves books! His favourites are the touchy feely ones where each page has parts to feel or doors to open. He ‘reads’ these ones every day and they kept him pretty occupied on the plane to Portugal.


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