9 months!!

It’s a little late but Spence turned 9 months at the weekend, I can’t believe how quickly time is going! It’s only a few months until he is a year old!

This month has been huge! We have done lots- we have spent lots of time with our friends Paul and Lucy with who we went to our village fete and a vintage fair with.

Spence is developing so much! He has literally in the last few days started to crawl, which is amazing but exhausting- I cannot take my eyes off him for one second! Before I know it, he has moved across the room! He wants to pull everything over, climb over things- little terror!

He hasn’t been sleeping as great, he wakes up briefly a few times a night, not in a way that we have to go in to check on him, but now he is more mobile, he sometimes sit up in his cot. A lot of the time we wakes up and just chats to himself for a bit before going back to sleep.

He also wants to stand up loads, he can’t stand unsupported but keeps trying to pull himself up. It doesn’t feel long before he can do it himself.

I can’t wait to see what this month brings!


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