31.08.14- weekend

We had a hugely jam packed weekend! On Saturday, we travelled to Swindon for a family picnic and BBQ. It was arranged by my sister who invited all of our family and her husbands family, so there was lots of us! There was lots of food, games and lovely people! Spencer got a bit antsy in the afternoon which is really unusual for him, I think he was a bit overwhelmed. Lots of people wanted to pick him up and pass him around- poor baby, just needed a break!

In the evening, Mark and I took my brother to Brighton to watch Lee Evans perform. Both my brother and I love him!! Paul has recently split up from his wife so I think it’s just the cheering up that he needed! He was amazing and so so funny!!

Today, we went to the christening of the daughter of Holly, one of my best friends. Baby Mia looked so cute in her dress and we dressed Spence all smart in a bow tie and braces. He got lots of compliments of how cute he is and how he is such a good, laid back baby.

We travelled about 400 miles this weekend but we got to see so many family and friends, we had an amazing weekend! Although it’s so nice to be sat on the couch in my PJ’s with a nice cup of tea xx


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