8 months old!!

Baby Spence is 8 months old today, time is flying by! I can’t believe he has become such a little dude so quickly. He is definitly out of his newborn phase.

In the last month, I have gone back to work so he has had to adjust to splitting his week with our childminder and also Marks mum. He has so much fun at the childminders, Zoe takes him to lots of different places such as toddler group, to feed the ducks at the lake and the library. He gets to spend his days with other little ones too which is cute to see.

He has developed loads in the last month. He can completly sit up unaided which means he can sit and play with his toys rather than having to lie down all the time- that must be way more fun for him. He can also handle toys a lot better and pick things up easier. He is way more mobile and although he can’t crawl yet – he certainly dives for the things he wants, especially phones, laptops and iPads- pretty much anything he isn’t supposed to have!

We also got him weighed today- he weighs 18lbs 2oz- he has put on 2 lbs in a month, that is double the amount he usually puts on in that time! He has always been a small baby and is always in the lower 25 percentile so I am ecstatic with 2lbs in a month! Weaning has most definitly helped with his weight gain. The health visitor was cooing all over him and calling him a cutie- damn right he is!


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