Last day of honeymoon x

Today was our last day in Paris. I have had an amazing time but my feet hurt so much that I can barely walk and I so can’t wait to see Spence!

We took a trip up to the Eiffel Tower, normally I would have gotten the stairs up but my feet were seriously killing me! We decided to get the metro most places today so we didn’t have to walk so much. We went to the Arc d’triomphe but didn’t go up to the top. We didn’t have much time today and we have both been up there before.

We also did a spot of shopping- I can always sacrifice my feet for shopping! We went to Christian Louboutin as I thought it would be cute to buy a pair while in Paris. However, I have really narrow heels and my feet just kept falling out of them- they need to do more pairs with straps! I also went into another shop and had to queue 30 mins just to get to the changing rooms! Madness!

Our flight back was delayed an hour on the way back so we got home late in the evening. So tired! And did I mention my feet hurt?!


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