2nd day of Honeymoon x

Today we did about 6 hours of walking !! We started off going to Notre Dame (no hunchback in sight), we then walked along to the Saint Chapelle to see the huge stain glass windows, we walked along the river to the bridge where we found a place for our lock. So cute!

We then walked down to the Louvre, we decided not to go in as we have been before and would be a shame to waste the good weather. We made our way to Rue Cambon where the original Chanel shop is. I have just finished reading the Coco Chanel autobiography so I was quite keen to go. We saw the famous stairs where Coco used to sit and watch her fashion shows. The shop has her apartment upstairs still set out the way she had it but unfortunately it’s not open to the public.

We then took a walk up the Champs Élysées but by this time our poor feet were hurting so we got the Metro back to our hotel. We are just having a pit stop now before going out for the evening. We have tickets to the Moulin Rouge, I’m so excited as I get to wear my new Vera Wang dress!! xx


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