First day of honeymoon x

We left boiling hot London to fly to rainy Paris! When we arrived this afternoon it was pouring with rain!

We decided to find a cafe, drink some wine and people watch until the rain subsided. We walked along the river Seine to the lock bridges where lovers write their names on padlocks and clip them to the bridge, they are becoming a bit of a problem in Paris as it seems the bridges are started to buckle under the weight of the locks. But before they do, we have purchased our padlock and have written our names on it ready to lock on the bridge tomorrow.

We had dinner on a boat on the Seine, for a moment I forgot where I was about thought I was so drunk that my vision was spinning but I realised it was the motion of the boat! Thank god! It did make me feel a bit queasy though.

We walked on past the Notre Dame and the Saint Chapelle and up to the Louvre when it started to turn a bit dark. This is when we decided to turn back to our hotel as we are visiting these places tomorrow.


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