This week has been a HUGE week for Spencer’s development. There are so many things he couldn’t do at the beginning of the week that he now can.

He now doesn’t topple over when he is sat up, he loves this as it means he can play with his toys a lot easier. He does do the occasional dive for a toy but I’m sure he will get more sturdy.

He also makes a lot more pronounced sounds, he is constantly babbling to himself. I can’t wait for him to start talking.

Before this week, he was finding it difficult to pick up his bath toys, which meant he couldn’t play with them as much. He seems to have overcome this in the last few days and can now pick them all up. He is having a great time splashing around.

We took him to the swimming pool this morning- he enjoyed it so much more this week. We held him one- handed around the pool but when he spotted either Mark or I he started kicking his legs and going faster- he looked like a cute little Merbaby xx


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