14.07.14- First Day back at work!

Today was my first day back at work after having 7 months maternity leave. It wasn’t too bad as I worked from home to ease myself into it. Spencer went to his childminders, the same one who looked after him on the day and night of the wedding.

He seemed to have had a great time, he was all smiles when we picked him up. There were two other children there for him to play with- Stanley who is 2 years old and Eloide who is 14 months I think. He seemed to have gotten lots of attention from Eloide who was helping him turn pages in a book!

Zoe is an amazing childminder, she made me feel so much better about going back to work. I didn’t need reassurance that Spencer would be well looked after as I could immediately tell that she was the right choice for him. We have an online portal which she updates daily with photos of Spence, what he got up to and what he ate etc. it’s amazing! I know it’s standard practice these days but when I was younger, going to a childminder involved playing in someone’s living room with a few toys ! Times have changed xx


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