I love Criminal Minds too- it’s my favourite programme! x




SAME HERE!!! I watch it EVERY day! haha. I love the days when it’s on like all day ! 🙂

Ha ha! I have just started series 9- I love Spencer Reid! It’s a bit sad but it’s who we named our little one after! x

OMG I love him too! haha I don’t know why, I have a thing for somewhat nerdy guys I guess. & omg that isn’t sad, that’s awesome! 😀 I just started watching it, but not in order. I just watch it whenever it comes on. I want to watch it from the beginning. Every time it was on before I’d change the channel, but now I LOVE IT. I got into watching it because when Meadow would wake up that was like the only thing on, so I’d watch it & now I love it!

I like a geeky guy too- luckily I just married one! It’s definitly worth watching them all, it’s so good! xx


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