07.07.14- 7 months!!

Spence is now 7 months old- time is flying so much! This month, we have visited lots of parks and farms and Spence had his first Yo Sushi!

He can now sit up for long periods of time although he can’t get to a sit up position on his own. He has been teething for 3 months now but still no sign of any teeth- we go through so many bibs during the day!

He was weighed last Thursday, and came in at 16lbs 2oz. He is still in the bottom 25 percentile, but he is a small baby and there isn’t much I can do about it, he finishes 8ozs of milk at every feed and is starting to eat many more solids. His favourites are PB on toast, asparagus and sweat potato. Today he had pumpkin fritters, gnocchi and fish which he seemed to love them all so I will definitly try more of those xx


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