Spence has been weaning now for the last 4 weeks. We started weaning him just before he was six months old as we decided to skip all the purée stage and go the baby led weaning route and put him straight on solids.

It’s not going too bad, he eats bits and pieces of whatever we give him. Because he eats the same meals as us, it encourages us to eat a bit more healthily. We give him a lot of roasted veg and chicken, stir frys and tonight he had pizza for the first time. So far his favourite foods are crumpets, breadsticks, asparagus and cheese. We just have to make sure the food we give him is big enough for him to pick up. We tried to give him spag Bol the other day but he found it too difficult to pick up the mince and got a bit frustrated !

The part I am finding difficult is getting into a routine- it’s difficult feeding him 3 meals a day as well as milk feeds and naps! I found if I give him solids too soon after his milk feed, he tends to puke everywhere. Hopefully we will get into a good routine soon xx


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