Planning a Wedding with a baby!

Every mum will know that looking after a 6-month old baby 24/7, no matter how cute, is so time consuming that you rarely have time for anything else! Try doing all of that and plan a wedding at the same time- its enough to drive a person insane! Call me mad, but that is what I have chosen to do.

The big day is in three weeks- eek!

I spend my days keeping Spencer entertained at the park, the cinema, playing with paint and messing around in the garden, but as soon as he closes his eyes at nap time, I have table plans, emails to suppliers and making confetti to do! And as the big day gets closer, I have so many meetings to attend- my hair and make-up trial, the dress fittings, bridesmaid dress shopping, meeting the DJ, cake tasting and millions more- my diary is pretty much full for the next three weeks!

I don’t want Spencer to become a victim of the wedding planning too so I try to make sure I am 100% focused on him while he is awake and try to get the wedding planned while he is in the land of nod.

Every available thought in my brain is on Spence and the wedding, if I’m not thinking about what to feed Spence, washing bottles and if I can leave the room to go for a pee without him rolling out of the door, I’m thinking about paying the caterers, what accessories I need, what drinks to supply and whether I should wear-in my ridiculously high shoes before the big day so I don’t trip down the aisle!

If people only had a limited amount of thoughts a day, all of mine are definitely taken up with babies and weddings! I can’t wait for the big day but I also can’t wait to be able to think about other things and maybe read a magazine with my cuppa rather than reading menus and table plans.   


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