How many mom’s have teething babies? I’m pretty sure Meadow is teething, but I’m not 100% sure. She seems to be teething to me. She’s not abnormally fussy, and she still sleeps 8-9 hours at night. However, she is drooling A SHIT LOAD, and she’s making spitting noises with her lips and spitting…

Spence has been like this for the last few months with still no sign of a tooth! He dribbles so much that we have a bib on him permanently, he goes through about 3 a day! He hasn’t been fussy either, I pray he gets a tooth soon as he drenches everything he comes in contact with! xx

How old is your baby??? My daughter turned 4 months on May 24th, so she’ll be 5 months towards the end of this month. My daughter is the same way too…she drools so much she soaks through bibs!! I didn’t have a bib on her the other day and she had drool all down her onesie! No sign of a tooth for her either! Does your son chew and bite on everything too??? I was trying to cuddle Meadow and she bit my nose! lol

He is now 6 months but he has been drooling for so long now- he literally chews anything he can find! He grabs peoples fingers and starts chomping on them. I had bare shoulders a few days ago, I picked him up and he started to bite my shoulder and drool all over it! Lovely baby xx

haha, sounds just like my daughter! She’s starting to do this thing where she makes a spitting sound with her lips and spits drool out, how wonderful. haha. Seems like we both got some teething babies on our hands! Just got through the rough growth spurts, now TEETHING! 🙂

Oh dear! Dribble literally pours from Spencer’s mouth! Fingers crossed that we get teeth soon xx



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