How many mom’s have teething babies? I’m pretty sure Meadow is teething, but I’m not 100% sure. She seems to be teething to me. She’s not abnormally fussy, and she still sleeps 8-9 hours at night. However, she is drooling A SHIT LOAD, and she’s making spitting noises with her lips and spitting…

Spence has been like this for the last few months with still no sign of a tooth! He dribbles so much that we have a bib on him permanently, he goes through about 3 a day! He hasn’t been fussy either, I pray he gets a tooth soon as he drenches everything he comes in contact with! xx

How old is your baby??? My daughter turned 4 months on May 24th, so she’ll be 5 months towards the end of this month. My daughter is the same way too…she drools so much she soaks through bibs!! I didn’t have a bib on her the other day and she had drool all down her onesie! No sign of a tooth for her either! Does your son chew and bite on everything too??? I was trying to cuddle Meadow and she bit my nose! lol

He is now 6 months but he has been drooling for so long now- he literally chews anything he can find! He grabs peoples fingers and starts chomping on them. I had bare shoulders a few days ago, I picked him up and he started to bite my shoulder and drool all over it! Lovely baby xx



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