Day 2 of weaning.

Today was Spencer’s first full day of weaning.

Doing baby led weaning means we don’t purée all his meals and spoon feed him, we let him have a bit more control of what he wants to eat and how much. It also means that we eat as a family rather than separately, as babies learn faster from copying their parents than from having food shovelled in their mouths. This means he eats the same things as us! Not only does it mean that Spence has more control and improves his hand coordination, it also means that I don’t have to spend ages mushing up food! Bonus!

At lunch, we gave him some crusty bread and cheese. He loved sucking the bread but left the crusts, he absolutely loved the cheese! We followed this by cucumber with a garlic and herb dip. I pre dipped the cucumber for him and the first thing he did was shove it in his face!

For dinner this evening, we had a stir fry of chicken, veg and noodles in a hoi sin sauce. He didn’t really touch the noodles, they were a little difficult for him to pick up. He loved sucking the broccoli and baby corn. He seemed to love the hoi sin sauce so much that afterwards he was trying to lick his tray and suck on his bib!

I’m so proud of my little dude xx


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