19.05.14- Spencer’s first trip to the beach x

This morning I took Spencer to the beach for the first time, which must surely be the best place to be on a Monday morning- I love being on maternity leave!

As he loves new textures I thought our local beach would be great as it’s mostly stoney but has a few sandy spots as well.

He loved kicking his feet in the sand and luckily he didn’t try to eat any of it. He also loved sitting on the stones and feeling the different types of pebbles and shells- we brought home a few shells for daddy as he couldn’t come with us.

I took him down by the water, he was fascinated by the sea and the crashing waves. I didn’t take him into the water though as there was a huge crab lurking nearby which I was convinced was going to start charging at me!! I will save that for next time xx


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