What a good man can do….

Before I met Mark, I had been in various relationships, most of them long term. I always believed I would get married but I had never come close to thinking about or discussing having children. Having children was something I knew would happen because everyone had children when they got to a certain age- but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

I was extremely awkward around children, I hated holding them as I was scared of their head-rolling thing that made it look like their head was about to fall off. I had no idea how to successfully hold a baby and despite having nieces and nephews, I had never come close to changing a nappy! At work, when ladies brought in their babies, I ducked out and hid in the loo so I wasn’t force to hold it! Being a woman, people got highly offended if you didn’t want to hold their baby.

Before I met Mark, I was a bit of  party girl, I went out most weekends, I got drunk, I got severe hangovers! I loved my clothes, shoes, and make-up. I was also very focused on my career. When I wasn’t working, I basically spent my days shopping and pouring over Vogue and my evenings getting wasted!

Then, I met Mark- I still spent my days shopping and pouring over Vogue, I just had a boyfriend who enjoyed doing those things with me, he had great taste in clothes and encouraged me to buy pretty much everything I liked the look of- definitely a keeper! The evenings were very different, when we first met we had a few crazy, drunken nights but as we settled into our relationship, I much preferred to spend my evenings snuggled on the sofa with a takeaway and a film! I still had the occasional drunken night out when we celebrated a friends birthday or went out with the girls but I was so much more content the night after when we lounged on the couch with our comfort, hangover food!

Then two years later, the weirdest thing happened, we decided that we would start trying for a baby, not because I had reached ‘that age’ or felt that I had to but because I genuinely wanted to. A year and a half later, we have the cutest little man who is my whole world!

Its strange how the right man can change your life.


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