Spencers first trip to the cinema

My local cinema does a baby film screening where mums can take their babies to watch one of the latest films- genius idea!

I’m a bit of a film buff and before Spencer was born I watched at least one film each day and we went to the cinema at least once a week! Since his arrival, we have been to the cinema twice and films take a couple of days to finish either because the little munchkin needs attention at the crucial parts of the films or we are just too tired in the evening to make it through a whole film!

I was so happy when my local cinema did a showing for mums and their babies because it meant I could see the new chick flick I was dying to watch!

Spence found the whole thing a little shocking to begin with. He had a look of total shock at the massive cinema screen! The pre-film adverts were all children related which was pretty cute. By the time the film started he had gotten used to the massive screen and the dark lights- I was praying he wouldn’t cry through the whole thing! The first half hour was fine as I had to feed him, after that he seemed to get a bit antsy!

Luckily the other mothers didn’t bat an eyelid as their little ones was making just as much noise. Although it wasn’t the best cinema experience- one mum had to walk around the cinema to soothe her baby and I had to stand and rock Spence in his pram- I was still pleased that I managed to get to see a film that I had wanted to see for a little while. As long as it wasn’t a film that needed 100% of my attention, I would definitely go again xx 


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