Before I even considered having children, I had always decided that I wouldn’t breastfeed, not because I saw my breasts as a sexual thing, just that I wasn’t very opinionated on the matter. I kind of saw breastfeeding as a bit of a hippyish thing to do and that I was quite capable bottle feeding my baby when the day came.

Then, I became pregnant. By that time, a few of my friends had had children and had breastfed and I no longer saw it as a hippy thing and more of the ‘done thing’. As my pregnancy progressed and the midwives drummed into me all the health benefits that breastfeeding passed onto my new bundle such as decreased chances of getting most illnesses, becoming obese and also the bonding time, I was convinced that breastfeeding was the way forward. It also had great benefits for me too, it burns up to 500 calories a day meaning I would get my pre-pregnancy body back quicker. Breastfeeding is also a lot cheaper than bottle feeding as there are no bottles and formula to buy. But the most important factor was that breastfeeding was a godsend at all those hours in the night where Spencer was up and needed feeding.

As far as sleeping is concerned, the first few weeks are a bloody nightmare! Babies have no concept of day and night, which means Spencer spent most of the day asleep and was awake for a lot of the night, I used to really dread night time as I knew there was no way that I was getting any sleep! I was thankful though that I breastfed, because I have no idea how I would have been able to get up all those times to put the kettle on, make up a bottle and then wait for the milk to cool down! He would have screamed his head off waiting for that long process to be over!   


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