Maternity Wear

As you may have realised from my last post, I had a bit of a tough time with maternity wear while I was pregnant.

One of the big worries I had about being pregnant and becoming a mum was that I would ‘lose myself’ and I hope that doesn’t sound too selfish. I was petrified of letting myself go, having a new wardrobe of leggings and polo shirts and that I would be too busy as a new mum to wash my hair or wear make up! My clothes are important to me and although I’m hardly Victoria Beckham, I do like to look good.

But as Mark had to frequently remind me- I’m having a baby not a personality transplant. So the search for maternity clothes commenced.

I was pregnant from April to December which meant I had hot weather in the early days and could end my pregnancy hibernating in massive jumpers. Luckily I am a huge fan of loose vests- in fact, I own about a million of them! This meant the early few months when I started to show wasn’t too bad, I could still wear my normal clothes for quite a few months, even without people really knowing that I was pregnant. It was at about six months where I needed to get the dreaded maternity wear.

I was surprised that a lot of shops don’t even sell maternity wear, I went to a Debenhams in one town that had one rack of maternity wear in 3 its floors! Unsurprisingly, the choice was hideous! Then there was Next, who sold maternity wear but didn’t have a maternity section so the answer was to rummage around the store and hope the items that I liked just happened to be maternity clothes! I could not be bothered with that!

I was surprised and a little excited to hear that Asos sold maternity clothes. As quite a large portion of my wardrobe comes from Asos, I knew I was on to a winner. I ordered a few hundred pounds worth of goods and excitedly awaited my purchases arrival. It finally arrived and guess what?!……crap! All crap! The tops and vests were dull, the dresses were incredibly unflattering and the dungarees which I thought would look cute actually looked like something that I would wear if I jumped out a plane! Needless to say, it all got returned!

The shop that had a surprising amount of maternity wear was H&M, I got a lot of decent basic wear from them and for a pretty good price as well. The thing about buying maternity clothes is that you don’t want to spend a lot of money as you will only be wearing them for about four months. I therefore stocked up on a tonne of cool vests, t-shirts and leggings.

Then the most amazing thing happened- I found the maternity section of Topshop on regent street. Topshop had the most amazing clothes, my biggest regret was that I hadn’t found out this little gem sooner and that I could wear my gorgeous new clothes for longer. At seven months pregnant, I went to a Bruno Mars gig in the same style as I would have had if I wasn’t pregnant!

Next time, I’m heading straight for Topshop!


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