My First Blog…

I have decided to start this blog, mostly for my own sanity and to have a bit of a break from my new all-consuming role as a new mum.

First of all, my blog name suggests I’m a glamorous mum, this isn’t necessary the case- I’m just trying to get by, being a first time mum while still maintaining my sense of style that I had pre-Spencer- with just a bit of added puke!

My darling little munchkin is now 4 months old and is most definitely the cutest little baby in all the land- I’m sure all mums make this bold statement, but, as I have recently found- they are lying.

I didn’t think I would enjoy motherhood nearly as much as I am, I wasn’t really known for my maternal instincts and as my boss says, I’m more of a dude than a girl (charming!).

I (dare i say it) hated pregnancy. The first three months were exhausting! No one ever tells you how tired you get, everyone seems to focus on the sickness, which for me, there was none. I got so tired that I would just sit and stare at a wall whilst supposed to be working. I realised I wasn’t the first person to be pregnant but how did people cope?! And how did they keep it a secret?!

After the first 12 weeks, comes the bit where many people informed me was the enjoyable bit. Apparently the enjoyable bit is the start of not being able to fit into your clothes any longer. As you can imagine, this stage was met with a fair few tantrums, I liked my clothes and I hated not being able to wear them! The only comfort was that I could go shopping for some new clothes! I was going to be coolest, most glamorous mum (that wasn’t a celebrity!)… That was, until I hit the shops and realised that maternity wear sucks!

My early pregnancy worries of ‘losing myself’ when I became a mum was starting to look inevitable. I was convinced I was going to turn into a ‘Next’ mum. The mum that only wears ill fitted jeans and polo shirts bought in bulk from Next. It seemed that all high street shops believed that all pregnant women liked to wear shapeless, unflattering, floral, long sleeved tops- the choice of maternity wear was horrendous! Looking back, I’m not sure how I coped! My only sensible option was to shop in the non-pregnant section but go a size larger! However this only lasted so long and soon enough, I had to resort to maternity jeans- sexy!

My hallelujah day was the day I took a trip to Topshop on Regent Street and found the mecca of maternity wear- it was amazing! I shopped up a storm- there was cute skinny jeans! Lovely fitted vests! And the most amazing black dress that I could wear for work- it was all my normal style- just maternity! Unfortunately this was too close towards the end of my my pregnancy and I only managed to wear my amazing dress once! I don’t mind though- I still managed to maintain my sense of style for a few weeks at least… even at the size of a house and in so much SPD pain that I could barely walk and had to use crutches.

Who said pregnancy wasn’t glamorous? Me- I said that.

However, the little bundle of joy I got at the end of it all makes it all worthwhile and the fact that I spent 6 months in leggings- completely irrelevant xx


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