Last day of our hol!

Today was our last full day of our holiday, we travel back tomorrow.

We visited The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Mark can’t quite grasp the name of the place so all week it was been referred to as:

  • The Secret Garden of Peligan
  • The Lost Gardens of Pendragon
  • The Secret Gardens of Penhaligan
  • The Flying Gardens of Pendragon (my favourite)
  • The place was amazing, it was a huge area of paths and cute things to see, there was a large area called The Jungle which was quite tropical with lots of bridges, walkways and rope-bridges.
  • We did so much walking, the kids were amazing! We had lots of stops including a picnic lunch and a bit of time in a play area. We didn’t manage to cover the whole area, we got to a point where we were all completely exhausted, Spence was almost crawling he was so tired so we decided to call it a day. We would definitely go back, it was such a lovely place and so nice for the kids!
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    Holiday day 6- Day out at the Beach xx

    As the weather seemed to be back on track, we decided to go for another day at the beach. We loved St Ives at the beginning of the week so decided to go back.

    It was such a nice day, we spent hours on the beach and in the water, the kids were completely covered in sand, Coen is such a little beach bum!

    Holiday day 5- Newquay

    We woke to fairly miserable weather, we had originally planned to go to the beach but it was cloudy, spitting with rain and a bit chilly, so we decided to take a drive to Newquay. Newquay isn’t too far away but by the time we got there, decided what to do then found somewhere to park, we had been in the car for an hour!

    We decided to go to the Sealife Aquarium, it wasn’t huge and the kids pretty much raced through it. We hung out at the beach for a little while after, the tide was out so there was a lot of beach and we could walk amongst the rocks and caves.

    We then drove a short distance away to a ‘Little Railway’ which was basically a little train ride for kids, it was cute but over quite quickly.

    We then decided to head back to our lodge, Coen needed a nap and the rest of us needed a well earned sit down. It was nice to have a bit of a chilled day xx

    Day 4 pt 2- Boscastle

    After the perilous but gorgeous sites of Tintagel, I needed to calm my nerves. We took a stroll down the small high street looking in all the gift shops, trying to persuade Spencer that he didn’t want everything he saw and trying to stop Coen from touching anything in fear of breaking something. We stopped for some food, my favourite so far this holiday: a Cornish pasty- the size of my head! I was in food heaven!

    After we were all sufficiently calm, fed and watered, we took a short drive to Boscastle. I had visited here when I was younger and remember it being cute. It was quite small, but had a pretty stream and nice views. We visited the museum of witchcraft and magic before hearing back, all completely exhausted! xx

    Day 4- visiting Tintagel xx

    I have loved our holiday so far but I think today might have been my favourite day so far! It combined lots of things that I love: spending time with my family, history, the outdoors and Cornish pasties!

    We got to Tintagel as it opened. The kids seem to be waking early this holiday meaning that we get up and out of the house quite early and seem to be missing the busy crowds at our destinations. I was quite worried about our day, looking at the website and reviews, I wasn’t entirely sure if this place was going to be child friendly. We realised quite soon that it was a parents nightmare!

    We had to walk down a long slope to get to the base of the castle, it wasn’t too bad, Spence managed fine and Coen insisted on being carried for most of it.

    Tintagel castle is apparently the birth place of King Arthur and although I’m aware that he is a myth, I still love anything that connected with him and relates to history.

    The climb to the castle consists of 150 steep and uneven steps which was pretty treacherous on a calm sunny day, I think a rainy windy day would probably result in a few deaths. Again, Spence was ok with the climb but Coen most definitely had to be carried- despite his annoyance!

    The ruins of the castle are up high on a cliff, it’s beautiful and the views are astounding, however there is literally nothing to stop anyone wandering off the side of the cliff- any parents nightmare! Mark and I had to take a kid each and watch them like a hawk, herding they away from danger! I sounded like a neurotic mother constantly telling Spence to stop running and being completely exasperated that Coen chose today as the day that he wanted to learn to jump!

    We reached the top of the castle where the biggest attraction was stationed- a figure of King Arthur, shockingly just a few metres from a cliff edge with a lot of uneven footing and a British coastal wind! With relief we realised we could head back until it dawned on us that we had to not only go back the way we came but this time we had to go DOWN the steps! Cue lots of mini heart attack’s, a sore back from carrying Coen, stress from trying to prevent someone from plummeting to their death and we made it down.

    As if we weren’t idiotic enough to take the kids up a treacherous cliff we then decided it would be fine to go down more steps to the beach below to visit Merlins cave! Hell, we were still alive, if we could get through Tintagel castle we could climb down another few steps! Except the steps didn’t quite go all the way to the bottom…they stopped short and we had to finish the route by….climbing down onto rocks! What..the…hell!

    The beach was cute, the cave was rocky, I couldn’t take Coen too far into it so we hung out on the beach while Spence and Mark went inside. The beach had a really pretty waterfall, it really was a magical (if treacherous) place. We managed to get safely back to steady, flat footing, everyone was still alive, my heart could finally recover, it was time for a well deserved pasty xx

    Holiday, day 3- the Eden project x

    Today we went to the Eden project! Even though I went to Cornwall a fair bit when I was younger, the Eden project hadn’t been built so I’ve never been.

    It took us about 40 mins to get there, we got there just as it was opening and luckily it wasn’t too busy.

    The weather was so nice and it was lovely walking through the gardens with the kids, even if they did both decide to walk in different directions. There were lots of little paths that took you to ‘secret’ gardens that Spence loved finding.

    There are two huge biomes, one was Mediterranean and the other was tropical. We braved the Mediterranean one first, it was so warm! The plants were all so pretty and there were lots of statues and winding paths, there was a restaurant in there which was so pretty and would be nice to eat at but it would be too hot to enjoy it. I was definitely happy to be out of there!

    Straight after leaving the Mediterranean biome, we headed to the tropical one. Which, unfortunately was so bloody hot, so much hotter than the one before! I’m not built for heat but I’m sure the fiery pits of hell is cooler than that place! Throughout the path, they do offer exits in case the heat is too much but we decided to persevere! It’s so hot that they have a Cool Room mid way round!

    I’m not going to lie…I suffered! The kids seemed fine but I was a sweaty, hot mess! Coen insisted on being carried which just added to the heat that I was experiencing, plus anyone with small children know exactly how…bloody…slow they walk! Which made our time in there so much longer! I was so ecstatic to be out of there and eating an ice cream!

    Despite the heat- I loved the Eden Project and will definitely go back again with the kids xx

    Day 2 of our hols xx

    Although the second day of our hol, it was really our first proper day!

    The kids don’t really get ‘holiday lie-ins’ so we were up at 7am. It didn’t take us long for us all to get dressed, sun creamed up and packed into the car. Our plan for the day was to go to St Ives. I went there as a kid and loved it so I was looking forward to it. It took about 30 mins to get there.

    We headed straight for the harbour and it’s beach, the little streets are so cute and cobbled (and a little steep) we found a cool spot on the beach but the tide came in so quick that we had to abandon it fairly quickly and move to another spot on the harbour.

    The kids had a fab time, it was the first time Coen had been on a sandy beach and the last time that Spence had been on one, he hated it. So I’m really pleased that they both loved it- Spence built sandcastles, Coen smashed them down and they both splashed in the sea.

    We left at about 2pm when our car park ran out and headed back to our lodge. Coen had a nap while we played games out in the garden- bliss! I love holidays xx